Thursday, December 30, 2010

One For Amy

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Senior Picture Photo Shoot

This post is primarily for Lance and his mamma! Here are almost all of them. I have a balcony shot I can't get to upload and couple of the sports ones I am working on. So far I really like how they turned out. The number of the picture is below the picture for your reference) Happy looking.

no. 1

no. 2

no. 3 (kay. . . don't laugh at this one! I love it! It's like you know something that nobody else knows!)

no 4

no 5

no 6 (number 5 a different way)

no 7

no 8.

no. 9

no. 10

no. 11

no. 12

no. 13

Friday, December 3, 2010

it happened ....

it happened. . . as I sat there at the table decorated with faux gifts, tinsel and candy, watching him stand with a good measure of patience mixed with the expected anticipation that comes for a child waiting to see Santa. He would occasionally glance around to make sure I was still where he left me, then smile and look expectantly up at his big sister, clap his hands, do a little bounce then shuffle his feet forward a foot or two as the line moved. Independent in so many ways, too many ways for me this night - Growing up.

it happens . . . every night he falls asleep and I watch as his expression relaxes and his body falls into the rhythm of sleep. all the passion and energy that sometimes make being his mom so challenging, succumbs to that quiet peace that sleep affords. But I know that beneath those closed lids are dreams filled with all the punch and ardor that fill his waking hours. His face loses a little more of that soft baby roundness and when he wakes up each morning I notice more and more straight and defined features of a growing boy. . . the baby is almost entirely gone.

it's happening . . . right in front of my nose, over every breakfast bowl and during every conversation, amidst every passing rite for one so young. Don't those seem to present themselves much earlier than you remember from your own childhood? I try to slow her down, but most often that fails and I find myself trying to harness and guide her steps on a path that will help her find a healthy independence grounded in kindness, fairness and love. Sometimes I fail and try too hard to impose me on her, but more often than not she is much too strong for that. she is smart, very smart. she is kind and thoughtful, but still very consumed by defining who she is, what she thinks and expressing how she feels. . . every moment of every waking hour. but the exhaustion I feel is only testament to her flourshing personality and destiny which is shaping itself with definitiveness every minute . . . the baby entirely gone, the young lady on the way.

Sometimes "their all grown up" manifests itself in such subtle, imperceptive ways. Other times it happens in big colorful moments that take your breath away. I guess it's my job to notice and cherish them all, hold them carefully in my heart and prepare myself for all the next time's they they happen!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wedding Invite Pictures

Number 1

Number 2
Number 3

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jake and Ivet Pictures

no. 1

no. 2

no. 3


no. 5no. 6

no. 7

no. 8

no. 9
no. 10

no. 11no. 12

no. 13

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Close Call but really a Miracle

I think I am pretty sure that I am glad I didn't witness the flames burning literally 50 yards from my home (the house you can see on the left). This is a picture of our neighbor's home across the street . . . or what is left of it. The wind shifted just as the fire jumped the road above our street (which is to the left of the image shown) The shift of wind resulted in the fire jumping 50 feet and igniting the property across the street from us. Miraculously the empty house at the top of the hill (only framing and exterior wood panels) escaped with only minor scorch marks. If the wind had kept blowing from the direction it was roaring down the mountain it would have ignited that house and the wind would have blown the hot flames downward, engulfing each of our homes in a domino like fashion.
The view from my in-law's home in west jordan was enough to convince me there would be nothing left of our home in the morning. When I left their home after dinner to go out and get some things before they issued the mandatory evacuation I wasn't too worried. Upon ariving at the bottom of our street only to have the police barricade tell me I couldn't go further, I was pretty shook up.

in this picture you can see how close it really was. The house circled in red at the top is a a vacant house. . . wood exposed. In all reality it should have burned, in turn catching the rest of the homes on our side of the street on fire. The wind was blowing strongly from the direct south. But just as the fire jumped the road above us (a 50 foot jump) the wind shifted and came from the south west, pushing the flames into the area to the east of us. Our home is the one circled in red at the bottom. the view is even more sobering from my upstairs window. Charred earth so close to the home we practically built ourselves.

I am greatful for a grounded husband. . . who happens to be in Michigan right now. He called to ensure we were far from danger. . . I went to bed that night calm. . . resigned that I would be having to tell my children we didn't have anything left. But not sad so much for the loss of the house, more for the loss of the things that were more than just things to my littles. Chaino, Big Fat, blankies, brand new bunk beds. The house was just a house. . . I wasn't even that attached to it. . . and now that we had done it once we could easily do it again and even better.

I was amazed in the morning to see the helicopter shots of our street, our homes still there. I know that our prayers were answered. . . so many more homes could have been lost if the fire had followed the path it was going. I know the Lord sent a saving wind that night.

We are very saddened for our neighbor's loss. And are anxiously awaiting the time when they are ready to allow us to help them. . .for now they have requested to be allowed some time, unburdened by visitors and do-gooders. I can completely understand.

The winds are picking up again, and thus the smoke that causes the painful burn in the back of your throat and the sting in your eyes. While I know the fire has burned all it can around our home (creating a natural fire break), there are still mandatory evacuations in place for neighborhoods to our east and west. The fire fighters will continue to work miracles with the hand of God aiding them.

We are going to leave again. . .the smell is getting overpowering. Thank you so much for all the prayers in our behalf. The Lord heard them and answered them. As always.

I will post more pictures later.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Most Boring Post EVER

I broke my shoulder and my thumb trying to tame the bunny hill (in march i think).
My son doesn't want me to go skiing with him next year because I wasn't 'doing it right' and that is why I got hurt.
How inconvenient for him, in other words.
Alaina was sporting a gap in her mouth that could comfortably fit at least 2 oreos in it. She is now filling in that gap with some new teeth and is attempting 3 oreos along her the bottom of her mouth as two more teeth threaten to fall out.
She can ride a two wheeler.
And has discovered the delight and wonder of boys.
Heaven take me now.
Damon turned two.
I swear there is an internal switch hidden inside our sweet innocents. It is promptly flipped as soon as the candles are blown out, or eaten. . .
whichever your child prefers.
(mine apparently likes the flavor of wax).
If you are not familiar with the switch that morphs a child into pure trouble . . .
curse you.
If you are familiar with it. ..
bless you!
He has become very familiar with the following question:
"Do you want me to spank your bottom?"
To which he promptly, emphatically and increduluously answers,
"NOooah. no span baah!"
(I am an evil mother who beats her children)
Matthew very lackadaisically attended and characteristically missed his pre-school graduation. Every Tuesday and Thursday consisted of an argument about going -
he being totally contrawise.
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday consisted of an argument as well. . .
these times he wanted to know why he couldn't go.
I couldn't win.
I hope he likes it better next year. Maybe my luck will change as he will be going MWF and not TTH. Perhaps his argument will flip?
Chuck has flown half the country over 1/2 a dozen times for training for an old job and his current one.
Go figure. . . training still continues for the job he no longer performs and he is more obviously required to attend training for his present position.
While he isn't in the air or the office or somewhere between Ogden and Provo he is most often found burning the midnight and early morning hours working on our house.
I do not know how he does it.
Where he gets his strength or stamina to continue and then come home and take care of all our needs too!
And by the end of this month our house will be done, will be beautiful and will be ours!
Time marches on. . . if I am not careful I find it's footprints all over my back. So here is to at least staying even with it! :)
I can handle the elbow jabs.